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Handmade Dream catcher

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Each dream catcher is one-of-a-kind.

Every time you glance at it, you will find your dreams are just around the corner.

It will bring good luck to you and your family.

Don't hesitate to buy one for yourself or for your friends!



A1、2: Wooden beads, feathers, iron rings            

A3、4: Cotton thread, Iron, Feather           

A5、6、7、8: Iron ring, Satin line, Wax rope, Cotton, ABB Pearl, Feather, Flannelette          

A9、10: pure feathers, environmentally friendly wooden beads, glass rice beads, iron rings, cotton thread, etc.

A11: Feather, iron ring

A12: Feather + Wooden Bead + Iron Ring + Tassel          

A13: Korean velvet, iron ring, shell, feather, ribbon, wooden beads            

A14: Feathers, iron rings           

A15、16: Cotton rope+iron ring+leaf           

A17: Feather, Plastic           

A18、19、20: Feather + wrought iron + cotton thread            

A21、22、23: Iron ring, Satin line, Wax rope, Cotton, ABB Pearl, Feather, Flannelette

A24、25、26、27: Iron ring, Satin line, Wax rope, Cotton, ABB Pearl, Feather, Flannelette

A28、29、30: Iron ring, Satin line, Wax rope, Cotton, ABB Pearl, Feather, Flannelette

A31、32: Feather, Metal Circle, Cotton Thread, Wooden Beads

A33: steel ring + environmental protection big bead + white rooster hair + high-quality flannel + high-strength polyester thread

A34、35、36: Wicker, Natural turquoise, feathers fumigation


A1、2: length:65cm/25.6in, Ring Circle:20cm/7.87in

A3、4: 60x15CM

A5、6、7、8: Length: (13cm)、(11cm)、(15cm)、(13cm), Net Circle: (54cm)、(45cm)、(64cm)、(60cm)

A9、10: 55 cm in total length

A11: total length of 60cm, large mesh diameter of 16cm, small mesh diameter of 7cm

A12: 19cm in diameter, 75cm in length

A13: ring diameter 15cm total length 35cm.

A14: Net Ring 11cm/4.33IN, total length 51cm/20.08IN

A15、16: 71 x 30CM

A17: 47*10*1CM/18.5*3.94*0.39in

A18: 80*20CM

A19: 75*20CM

A20: 70*6CM

A21、22、23: Length: (46cm)、(50cm)、(55cm), Net Circle:(11cm,5cm)、(11cm,7cm)、(11cm)

A24: Length: 55cm, Net Circle:11cm

A25: Length:36cm, Net Circle:7cm

A26: Length:53cm, Net Circle:11cm

A27: Length:55cm, Net Circle:11cm


A28、29、30: Length:34cm/13", Net Circle:7cm/2.75"

A31、32: Total Length:55cm / 21.6", Circle Diameter:20cm / 7.87", Feather Length:10cm / 3.93"

A33: full length90cm-100cm/35.43", rings40cm/15.75", feather length8cm-10cm/3.15"

34、35、36: Top Circle Diameter : about 10cm, Bottom Circle Diameter : about 7cm, Total Length : About 40cm

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Estefania Purdy

Velmi pekne,odporucam

Golda Schmitt

Handmade Dream catcher

Aileen Koch

Very nice, but when you take it out of the package carefully you already dropped a pen, it's but hanging it on the wall today and not swallowing everything.

Eugene Walker

Handmade Dream catcher

Shakira Raynor

Handmade Dream catcher



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